There’s a story I often tell about an SEO audit I did some time ago.

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I shared this script in a presentation at Pubcon earlier this week, but here it is in it’s full form.

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If you’ve ever spent any time with me, it’s well known that I take food and wine very seriously.

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There was a time when contextual content suggestion platforms like outbrain and taboola seemed like a great idea.

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If you need to change ad copy dramatically at various times during the day it can be a real drag.

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If I could change one thing about our firm, it might be our name.

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Google has done one amazing thing with Google Tag Manager.

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If we were going to hold a poll for the most overused piece of business jargon, what should win might surprise us.

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It’s a few days before the end of they year, but there might be no better time for reflection.

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Today I presented on using adwords scripts.

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