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Posted on September 13, 2013 in

Today I presented on using adwords scripts.  The presentation is copied below.

Here is the list of links used in the presentation”

Resources to find example scripts:

Google Developer Site on Adwords Scripts

Free AdWords Scripts 

Optimizr Scripts Library

Coming Soon: RankHammer Example Scripts

Examples in the presentation:

Controlling to a tight budget:

From GoogleFrom

Changing ad copy using a count down timer

Broken Link Checker:

From GoogleFrom Optimizr

Bidding by Weather

Adding crime statistics to ads

Updating adcopy with recent twitter followers


Script based summary report


Using Excel to pull data from GA – Excellent Analytics


Thanks to everyone.   Please let me know if you have ideas for more scripts, even in the comments.  We’re making a commitment at RankHammer to make more examples available in the near future, and we’re happy to have guest script writers as well.

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By Steve Hammer

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