There’s a story I often tell about an SEO audit I did some time ago.

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I shared this script in a presentation at Pubcon earlier this week, but here it is in it’s full form.

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If you’ve ever spent any time with me, it’s well known that I take food and wine very seriously.

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I’ve had real difficulty for months now with Enhanced ECommerce in Google Analytics recording a transaction more than once.

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There was a time when contextual content suggestion platforms like outbrain and taboola seemed like a great idea.

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The US Search Awards recognize and reward organizations, agencies and individuals based or working in the USA search and digital marketing industry.

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Save Time & Money; Bid By Campaign Geos   Bidding by geography is one of the powerful tools at our fingertips, whether you are a local advertiser trying to find out which cities are best for you, or a national advertiser, trying to squeeze better performance out of each state.

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You’ve got a tight budget and want to get noticed.

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Google Sheet That Shows Last 30 Days of Your GDN Pages Most PPC managers have at least dabbled with Google’s Display Network.

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If you need to change ad copy dramatically at various times during the day it can be a real drag.

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