One of the more powerful features within Adwords is the use of script.

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There’s a lot of personal bias that many of us have in Search.

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A common complaint with Google’s often punitive nature toward link policy violations goes something like this:  “It’s not fair that there’s negative associated with bad links.

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A classic debate in the search for perfection is how “art should imitate life”  As far back as Plato, philosophers sought to understand how best to use life observations to inspire art and literature.

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If you track some of the ultracompetitive search spaces, you might have noticed some unusual results over the last year.

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This isn’t an “SEO is dead” commentary, but there certainly are a few signs of upheaval in the current state of SEO.

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When trying to grow an AdWords account, one of the more useful metrics is impression share.

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It’s been a few months since Google rolled out a major update designed to combat manipulative links.

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