A Truly Organic Agency

It started when Steve was an in house digital marketer and Nathan was working at a large agency. Steve was looking for an SEO who truly knew what they were doing. It’s easy to say you know SEO, but much harder to do it. Nathan was looking for more of a challenge rather than coasting along. After looking for 18 months Steve met Nathan. It was clear that we’d complement each other. Nathan could take bold ideas and make them happen at scale. Steve could be free to work deeper on PPC and be a better strategic partner.

Then one day our company asked us a most unusual question:

“Why don’t you guys start your own agency?”

That’s it in a nutshell on how we got started. Our employer, now our first client, thought we should venture out on our own. They wanted to lock up their SEO and PPC dream team, and let us grow more by letting us get more ideas from other industries. We have to give a lot of credit to our first client. While there will be ups and downs, they wanted to secure our long term strategy and support. And the way for them to do that is allow us to grow our team, build a list of clients, and control our own destiny. Four years later, we’re still working with them.


Having an honest conversation regarding the relationship you share with your client isn’t always easy. However, we view our clients as true partners and are very invested in each and every one of them. We take pride in the fact that we can be open with them about opportunities for growth and change, even if those discussions can be challenging to have at times.

We don’t sell ideas just to grow our business. Our flat rate pricing model for PPC is proof of that. We base the price off of the complexity of the account, not the spend. This allows us to take on the hard work of reducing waste in the account without impacting revenue, thus growing the account only when it’s in the client’s best interest.

Built on Trust

We aren’t just a vendor driving leads. Our ultimate goal is to become a partner in the growth of your company and your brand. Each client we work with trusts us empirically. Whether you look at our referrals, case studies, data integrity, or the impact we have on a company’s bottom line, every move we make is immersed in trust. We strive to bridge your digital marketing initiatives directly to revenue through the most accurate data available. That’s what makes us different from almost every agency you’re going to work with. We work like crazy to grow your business, and make sure those results are deposited right into your bank account.

Test and Improve

We work to learn, which is why our model has always run on three primary components: Launch, Learn, and Grow. Results guide us to the best decisions, not our gut.

Principal Officers

Steve Hammer