WordPress has been a great platform for even the most novice of users to create a website.

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For quite some time now, Google has been sending out notifications to webmasters with ‘unnatural link warnings’, that often are attached to a manually applied penalty.

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This week, I’m going to continue our discussion about link building, but with a twist…Ladies and Gents, it’s time to visit the Dark Side, where spam and bad links on your site are like sith lords in the Deathstar.

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Last week, we began a three-part series on SEO API comparisons for link prospecting and research – between Moz’s Mozscape, Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer, and AHRefs, who has the best API? And how do you use them? Last week, we discussed how to use Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer.

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An outbound link is a hyperlink that points to exterior (target) domain from your the current (source) domain.

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We’re well into 2013; infographics are overplayed and everyone with at 18 months experience is a “social media expert”.

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When the average person considers website design, they probably don’t realize how much strategy actually goes into creating the perfect page; and while a page may be beautiful and eye-catching, it is practically worthless without a good internal linking strategy.

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Organic link building is a much sought-after goal for most inbound and SEO professionals.

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