AdWords Conversion Tracking Simply Isn’t Enough Spending money with any form of attribution is what I like to call “flying blind”.

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Antiquated Internet Creates Geographic Problems   Twinkling banners, frame-based web pages, and cutting-edge ISDN innovations; the 90’s were the Wild West of the Internet.

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The Ethics Behind Account Ownership I have heard the conversation many times.

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Everything Hinges Around This One Spot It should come as no surprise to anyone that positions one, two, and three are the most important ad positions on any page.

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If you run an eCommerce store it can be cumbersome to keep your ads up to date; especially when a product is out of stock.

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How Converting Ads Aren’t Always The Best Ones For The Job Most of the time, the job of a Pay-per-Click person is to write an ad for searchers looking to buy a product or sign up for a service.

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Understanding the Quality Score Can Help You Get Ahead With AdWords The Google AdWords Quality Score was designed with the intention to promote quality ads on search queries.

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Bid Strategies Encouraged For Everyone Automation is wonderful in concept, but it’s only effective for you if you know how the automation tool works, and you have a set goal.

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Why would you want your ad rotation settings different at different times of the day? I mean, that sound like a crazy idea doesn’t it? But I think one thing is apparent in many of my blog posts, users at different times of the day perform fundamentally different.

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Don’t Subsidize Google; Add Negative Keywords Pay-per-Click isn’t just about reaching new customers.

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