Save Time & Money; Bid By Campaign Geos   Bidding by geography is one of the powerful tools at our fingertips, whether you are a local advertiser trying to find out which cities are best for you, or a national advertiser, trying to squeeze better performance out of each state.

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Google Sheet That Shows Last 30 Days of Your GDN Pages Most PPC managers have at least dabbled with Google’s Display Network.

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A Big List of Free AdWords Scripts I compiled a list of most of the free AdWords script I could find on the web.

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Targeting Different Ends of the Sales Funnel We should all be aware of the sales funnel.

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Advertisers Lose A Valuable Tool Low Search Volume has been a plague for years in Google AdWords accounts, and it continues to create problems in maximizing ad revenue.

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Analyzing Ad Copy On A SERP I always need to be improving my skills, and ad copy is the only thing a user will see in my accounts until they get to a landing page.

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AdWords Conversion Tracking Simply Isn’t Enough Spending money with any form of attribution is what I like to call “flying blind”.

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Antiquated Internet Creates Geographic Problems   Twinkling banners, frame-based web pages, and cutting-edge ISDN innovations; the 90’s were the Wild West of the Internet.

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The Ethics Behind Account Ownership I have heard the conversation many times.

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Everything Hinges Around This One Spot It should come as no surprise to anyone that positions one, two, and three are the most important ad positions on any page.

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