My SEO Marketing Intern Adventure

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Howdy! My name is Kelcey and I am the new SEO marketing intern here at RankHammer. I am so excited to dive into the sea of search engine marketing. This is my second internship in the online marketing field and my first time as an SEO marketing intern. I can’t wait to hone my web marketing skills with this awesome team.

Just so you know, I am not your typical Southern Belle. I absolutely detest the color pink and I don’t own anything with rhinestones. I do not own a small fluffy dog that could fit in my purse (heck, I rarely even carry a purse). I will NEVER own a Taylor Swift album and my hair is not as high as heaven. On the contrary, I like big trucks and getting my hands dirty. I like camping in the woods and all things Star Wars. I’m also a big kid at heart. I love thunderstorms and splashing in the puddles when it rains. I have a loveable mutt named Carly who is my best friend. I wish on shooting stars and dream of going to Disney World (I’ve already been three times). I’m just your average Jane.

Carly, the junior SEO marketing intern

Currently, I am a senior at Baylor University pursuing a BBA in Marketing and French. To be completely honest, I never wanted to major in business. I wanted to be an English major and spend my days writing young adult fiction about hunky boys and summer romances that would make impressionable tween girls swoon (sigh); but thankfully, my father slapped some sense into me and encouraged me to try my hand at a business degree. I’m so glad he did because marketing is something I have become truly passionate about. Last summer I interned at an online advertising and PR agency and learned what an integral part the internet plays in creating brand awareness and converting prospects into customers. I speak French and was fortunate enough to study and live in France for four months last year. While in France I learned a lot about brand awareness, consumer behavior, and the scientific method behind each that creates a customer. It was there, in the heart of Paris, that I developed a deeper passion for marketing in all its forms.

How do you say "SEO marketing intern" in French?

This summer I hope to jump the gap from SEO marketing intern apprentice to SEO Jedi warrior, but I still have a lot to learn. Unfortunately, since digital marketing is still a relatively new frontier, universities don’t teach much about how to become successful at it. I will be learning and experiencing all of this as I go; which will be really fun and also terrifying at the same time, as I am sure to make a few mistakes along the way. I hope to learn about search engines the way one would learn about a close friend. I want to find out what makes them tick, what they like, what confuses them, and what makes sense to them; so that through these search engines I can help our clients grow and prosper.

I’m really excited to be an SEO marketing intern on the RankHammer team and to share with all of you my experiences as I navigate this vast and crazy world we call the Internet. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or at my cooking blog.



By Kelcey Piper

Kelcey Piper studies Marketing and French at Baylor University. She has a passion for SEO and inbound marketing, and is the SEO strategy intern at RankHammer. Kelcey loves snow skiing, cycling, and cooking. Check out her personal food blog: