AdWords Paid & Organic Report: PPC & SEO Keywords Together

Posted on August 22, 2013 in

Today Google released a new report within AdWords. This new view will give marketers some insights into keyword performance across both their paid and organic channels. I was not expecting anything like this; it really took me by surprised. Especially since Google seems to take away more than give lately.

The screenshot below shows how you perform on any given query whether you have an ad, organic listing, or both. This makes it a bit easier for your agency to see how these two channels impact one another.


While you need an AdWords account (shocker), you don’t actually have to be running ads to view this report. Make sure your AdWords is linked to your Google Webmaster Tools account. So even if you don’t use Google Analytics, you can still view this data. While I am shocked that Google did release this, the fact it’s linked to GWT data, is an undesirable setup. I will, however, continue to play with this new report with different site’s data and update this post if I find anything extremely useful to do with it.

By Nathan Byloff

Nathan is the CTO for RankHammer. His area of expertise is technical SEO and everything to do with data - collection, analysis, etc. He is driven by automating any reporting task that has to be done more than once.