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Search marketing generates the most conversions compared to any other form of marketing. Why? Simply because when people use search, they are looking for YOU. Like most things in life, there is no magic word to create instant results. Successful online strategy is the result of a good business plan, quality content, and a little patience. We recite these mantras to ourselves each day to help us keep the goal in mind: helping our customers and their businesses flourish.

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  • Right Ads, Wrong Time

    Time of Day & Week Matter I was so tired on a Saturday morning, but I could not sleep. Our AC went on the fritz at the wrong time on a late Friday afternoon. Leaving the windows open didn’t quite help, so I went downstairs to read about a book. Drinking coffee and reading a […]

  • Your Call To Action Sucks. Learn More!

    You’ve Got To Do A Better Job Of Selling Your website is the salesman that never sleeps. To take that concept a step further, everything that is outward-facing for your company is part of your sales force. Your ads? Of course they help sell. Your customer service reps? Sure thing. And if they’re part of […]

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