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Search marketing generates the most conversions compared to any other form of marketing. Why? Simply because when people use search, they are looking for YOU. Like most things in life, there is no magic word to create instant results. Successful online strategy is the result of a good business plan, quality content, and a little patience. We recite these mantras to ourselves each day to help us keep the goal in mind: helping our customers and their businesses flourish.

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  • [AdWords Script] The Holiday Day Parting Post

    Don’t Let Client Schedule Changes Keep You Up At Night This is the sister post to The Holiday Ads Post. The last one was about changing which ad copy was active at different times. This one is about changing your campaign day parting. The same concept applies here. You know that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, […]

  • Google Truncated Mobile Ads – How to Fix It

    The Mobile Change Announcement On September 10th, 2014, Google AdWords declared they may or may not display the Description Line 2 of smartphone advertisers starting on October 15th. If Google decided not to show it, they said they might show an Extension instead. This announcement was made with little fan fair, but the effects are […]

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