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Search marketing generates the most conversions compared to any other form of marketing. Why? Simply because when people use search, they are looking for YOU. Like most things in life, there is no magic word to create instant results. Successful online strategy is the result of a good business plan, quality content, and a little patience. We recite these mantras to ourselves each day to help us keep the goal in mind: helping our customers and their businesses flourish.

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  • Track AdWords Conversions Via Google Analytics Goals

    AdWords Conversion Tracking Simply Isn’t Enough Spending money with any form of attribution is what I like to call “flying blind”. Flying blind isn’t necessarily a waste of money, but it creates a great number of inefficiencies. Inefficient spend happens to all accounts, but at least tracking allows an opportunity to identify and correct those …

  • FCC Makes the Internet a Public Utility

    Just a few moments ago by a vote of 3-2, the Federal Communications Commission voted to to endors “net neutrality”. This will now prohibit internet service providers (ISPs) from throttling specific traffic on the web. One of the more publicized cases was when Comcast was slowing down traffic from Netflix to consumers until they agreed …

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