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Search marketing generates the most conversions compared to any other form of marketing. Why? Simply because when people use search, they are looking for YOU. Like most things in life, there is no magic word to create instant results. Successful online strategy is the result of a good business plan, quality content, and a little patience. We recite these mantras to ourselves each day to help us keep the goal in mind: helping our customers and their businesses flourish.

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  • AdWords Script to Bid By Campaign Locations

    Save Time & Money; Bid By Campaign Geos   Bidding by geography is one of the powerful tools at our fingertips, whether you are a local advertiser trying to find out which cities are best for you, or a national advertiser, trying to squeeze better performance out of each state. But there is only so …

  • 3 Successful Short-Term Ideas for PPC Campaigns that Get Results

    You’ve got a tight budget and want to get noticed. We can trickle out a tiny spend and make a limited impact, or try to make a big splash in the short term.   A short-term PPC campaign can be a great way to make this impact. It’s a fast run that’s good for learning …

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