Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Long Term Investment, Big Time Payoff

Site Audit

First, it’s important to start from a strong base and work your way up. As smart and talented as the people are who write web crawlers for the big search engines, they are still web crawlers. Making sure your site is optimized for the algorithmic programs (bots) who try to make sense of your content, is where we start.

Keyword Research

Relevant keywords; that's the key. Even though current web analytics doesn't provide the keyword data digital marketers relied on for so long, our team still uses comprehensive tools and focused expertise to deliver expected results.

UX Optimization

It's one thing to drive traffic to your site, and it's another for the user to take action. If you are reporting success on metrics such as pageviews, then stop reading and contact us right now. Driving value to your business will always be more important than a visit.

Local Search Optimization

Do you have a single store front striving for new business in your city? Or does your business control thousands of locations across the continent? Regardless of the circumstance, local SEO is a genuine effort that is worth it. Don't entrust it with someone who's the cheapest; it won't end well.

SEO Copywriting

Have you ever heard of an agency telling you they'll write content for the user, and content for the search engines? We've heard it said, and it's disappointing.That misunderstanding is at the core of why so many digital campaigns fail.

Some of the biggest changes in the SEO industry started happening in 2012 and continue to mutate to this day. We are a team dedicated to stay ahead of the pack and help deliver that organic traffic to build your brand.

Your traditional agency doesn't have the foggiest idea on how to produce content that a search engine will promote to the top. Create content that users care about, and make sure the search engines can find it.

Link Building

Link building begins with content. We've seen the emails selling paid links, and you probably have too. Still, to this day, it's possible to buy your way to the top. The problem is you and I are expecting a long term solution. A brand building trust between yourself and the consumer. Do not be fooled. The best link building strategy is creating content your users care about. And that's what our team focuses on.

Website Launch/Relaunch Strategy

Your pretty pictures sell, your consumer message inspires, but no one is going to see it without thinking about the search engines. Here's a data point you can rely on, no matter your traffic status; building a new website typically results in at least 30% drop in organic traffic. 30% PERCENT. Making sure you recover all those customers and gain new ones, is actual effort. Every site build we've been involved with, has proven that.