Pay Per Click

You’re Just Making Google Richer

That's what many businesses think about PPC. And to a certain extent, they're right. There is no magic solution to make enormous profits overnight. Maybe there was at one point in time, but those days are long gone. It used to be easier... until everyone else realized how easy Internet Marketing was. Nowadays, it takes proven practices to make a buck. What we do is a tried-and-true science that works.

"Get me to the top of Google, and we'll make tons of money". Heard that one enough times. A good strategy involves not just knowing where to be, but it also involves knowing where not to be. Be everywhere your customers are EXCEPT those places that are too expensive. Your customer may be in 20-30 different places in any given month. Unless you're a large corporation with an endless marketing budget, you don't need to be on all of them. Do you have an endless budget?

Instead of overnight success, good Internet Marketers realize that success is created day-after-day and measured year-over-year, much like any other business model. We're just a group of geeks that each started out trying to get better, and we've never stopped. We're not the best sales people; I think the headline of this page can attest to that. But we didn't get into marketing just to make money. We take pride in our work, our accomplishments, and the businesses we've partnered with to help them grow.

Keys to Failure

Measure Nothing

Yellow page ads, magazines, television, and radio have plenty of estimated numbers. Remember, you are in business to make other companies rich. Try not to ask too many questions.

Ignore Your Agency

You hired a marketing firm because they’re professionals. You should leave the decisions up to them. They know what is best for your company, anyways.

Don't Engage Your Customers

Your website experience from 2005 should be fine. Your customers will dig for your phone number or shopping cart if they’re really interested in doing business. Go on, let the phone ring. You’ll get to it soon enough.

Keys to Success

Measure Everything

In the world of PPC, we measure everything. If an agency says they’re not measuring everything, they're only taking pride in how much they sold you for.

Maintain Agency-Client Communication

How do we know we’re doing the right thing for your business if we don’t receive feedback? You're busy, and we don’t want to take all your time. But client-agency communication is vital to success.

Engage Your Customers

You customer experience can never stop being worked on. This doesn't mean pouring money into it every month, but ignoring it allows your competitors to fill the void. Even a great marketing agency can fail if the business and website aren't handling their side. Remember, your website is the salesman that never sleeps.