Ecommerce Case Study

Sales have taken on a life of their own.
Case Study

Chart represents holiday season. The growth in year 2 represents about $1 million in additional sales directly attributed to our efforts.


Client who sells off-road vehicles and equipment hired our team on retainer in early year 1 when they decided to setup an Ecommerce store and build their brand online.

Engagement Goal

In order to make the most of a new site launch, a few goals were set forth:

  • Setup an Ecommerce store that can take payments
  • Add robust tracking for analyzing users
  • Drive immediate traffic


RankHammer started with a plan to create the fully operational ECommerce store with a new site design. From there, our team:

  • Setup Google’s Tag Manager with Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Developed the intricate analytics¬†code throughout the site to track user behavior
  • Built and configured a new PPC account
  • Continually optimize the AdWords account to drive traffic for immediate exposure and market testing
  • Target platforms frequented by potential customers with advertising.


Our team has helped build a brand that increased revenue many times over in the first two years. The eCommerce website in year 2 is out performing year 1 month over month (MoM). Last year’s revenue for each month is match in the first 5 days or less in the current 12 month cycle. Organic traffic & sales continue to grow on top of past efforts.

Proven Results


Goal completions up year over year (YoY).


Revenue up YoY

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