Dealership Group Case Study

Created new information architecture that takes advantage of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.
Case Study

Growth in goals after a new launch is directly attributed to a better user experience as well as better analytics data. Resulted in traffic to double in the areas surronding each dealership while decreasing out of state traffic too far to be relevant to the local businesses.


Large auto dealership group looking to grow their customer base with more advanced SEO strategies and Analytics implementations.

Engagement Goal

Multiple goals were set forth at the beginning of the client partnership:

  • Grow the organic traffic
  • Implement better, more robust tracking
  • Manage all technical aspects of their digital advertising campaigns


Most auto dealerships use Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms for their websites. While sufficient for the majority of the industry, it is not possible to implement our upgrades without creating  a custom site. RankHammer orchestrated a massive site rebuild that involved responsive design, intricate semantic markup, as well as upgrading and expanding their analytics package. This also included adding revenue tracking within Google Analytics. Finally, content had to be created to support customers higher up in the purchase funnel; interested in cars and just browsing.


Not only did rankings and conversions improve after launch, but the dealerships started competing in spaces they had never occupied before. Users local to the their dealerships doubled. Goal conversions also grew exponentially, most notably for mobile users. With the added revenue tracking,  the client was able determine which marketing efforts drove the revenue and determine which pages and sections of the site were the most valuable, or needed more attention to perform better. The ability to spend marketing budget more wisely was now at their fingertips.

Proven Results


Increase in new car leads driven in first 12 weeks


Increase in conversion rate. That means a large increase in relevant traffic visiting the site.


Increase in phone call leads. Users who display a high intent action like calling a dealership convert at a higher rate.

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